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Cultivating local relationships with our farmers.

Great wine is grown not made. It all starts with incredible fruit grown by dedicated family farmers. These are our friends and neighbors. For more than a decade we have relied on their skill, dedication and passion to provide the incredible fruit which makes the wines of Great Oregon Wine Company possible.

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Grandpa Scharf | Delivering grapes to Great Oregon

Join us in raising a glass to these farmers for their hard work, commitment, and dedication. Small growers are the foundation of our business, and without the exceptional fruit they provide, we wouldn’t be able to craft wines with such quality, integrity and character.

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Joseph Bolkovatz, owner of Folie Hill Vineyard and Matt Chechovic | Sampling grapes before the harvest

Our vineyard partners are some of the best in the Pacific northwest. Get to know a few of them.

Demesne Ste. Bride Vineyard

One of the oldest vineyards in Yamhill County, Demesne Ste. Bride Vineyard was founded by Irish immigrant, Richard Cuddihy, in 1971. He began his vineyard as a means for supporting his young family but also because he believed in the future of the Oregon wine industry. Inspired by what he believed it could become, he planted the early roots for what would later be a fixture in the Oregon wine-making community.

Over time, his small plot of land expanded to cover most of the 25 acres of the original family property—the gentle west-southwest slopes creating a unique micro-climate where warm days and cool nights produce deep, rich color, excellent acid balance and earthiness from the Yamhill soil profile.

We continue our father’s decades-old tradition today by continuing to produce only the highest quality grapes, hand-tended, with sustainable practices. Ours is a compact operation, one that quietly speaks to the power of dreams, determination and perseverance on a small family farm.

Scharf Vineyards

The Scharf Family has been farming in the Perrydale area since 1933 and is now a fourth-generation, family owned and operated business.

It all started in the mid 1980’s when they installed their first seed cleaning line which was expanded in the early 90’s and is still a major part of the farm’s operation today. In 1991, Scharf Farms planted their first 35 acres of Pinot Noir grapes and expanded between 1997 and 1998, to around 107 acres. Today the vineyard is a mix of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris grapes with a small 4-acre portion dedicated to Cascades, mostly used for color in wine making.

In 2000 the farm was one of the first in the Willamette Valley to purchase and begin using a mechanical grape harvester. Today, mechanical harvesting is used for some but not all of the picking. Its use is determined by the winery purchasing the grapes as well as the current availability of hand labor for picking.

Scharf family members also play an active role in may non-profit and public boards in the community.  Some of those include: The Hazelnut Growers Bargaining Association, Polk County Farm Bureau, The Willamette Valley Oil Seed Producers Association, Oregon Ag Link Adopt a Farmer Program, Oregon 4H Board of Trustees, Polk County Fair Board, Amity Volunteer Firefighters, and the Perrydale School Board.

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Vercingetorix Vineyards, Willamette Farms

Willamette Farms has been a family owned business since 1959, when Bruce Hall acquired the property from his uncle. Geographically diverse, the vineyard spans bottomland abutting the Willamette River, pastureland, ponds, forests and a higher sloped field with escarpment soils that became the site of their Pinot Noir vineyard in 2000. The site had previously been an espaliered apple orchard, hence the vineyard’s unique spacing and trellis configuration.

In 2003, the vineyard produced its first vintage under the label Vercingetorix, sometimes known as VX Vineyard, as many found Vercingetorix to be quite a mouthful. Why the crazy name? Mr. Hall originally planned to label the wine in a way which reflected the name of the farm, but that met with resistance from another business. Instead, Mr. Hall vowed to come up with a name that would be unforgettable, drawing upon his travels to the wine country of Burgundy, France for inspiration. The region was once inhabited by Gauls, engaging in significant historic battles with the Romans at the time of Caesar under their revered Gallic leader, Vercingetorix. Coincidentally, it’s believed the origins of today’s Pinot Noir can be traced back to this same region at that time.

Willamette Farms is proud to be a working family farm with another generation at the helm, and is happy to supply Pinot Noir fruit to the Great Oregon Wine Company. The farm also produces quality hazelnuts (filberts) and has a guesthouse and grounds available for lodging and events. The property is located just outside of Newberg, Oregon.

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