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Great Oregon Wine Company Contract Services:

Facility: 2155 NE Lafayette Ave, McMinnville, OR 97128
Phone: (503) 434-9025
Email: accounting@integratedbev.com
Contacts: Matt Cechovic and Griffin Brown

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Harvest Services:

Custom Crush     Red $750 per ton
Bulk wine produced from provided grapes     White $500 per ton

Harvest + Bottling Services:

Custom Crush & Bottling     Red $30 per case
Finished cases produced from provided grapes and dry goods     White $25 per case
Full Custom Bottling     OR Pinot Noir $70 per case
GOWC sources and produces finished goods 1     OR Rose $70 per case and WA Pinot Gris $60 per case

Bottling Services:

Full package (fill, cork, foil, front and back label)     $4.00 per case
Half package (fill and cork)     $3.75 per case
Labeling only (includes foil)     $3.50 per case
Finished cases produced from provided wine and dry goods

Bottling & Harvest Includes:

Bottling case fees include all related labor costs, use of facility and related equipment, measures of FSO2 CO2, and D.O. on the day of bottling.

Wine must be bottle ready prior to setup. All lots bottled under the Stone Wolf Vineyards, LLC bottling bond may be required to run a bottling panel 72 hours prior to bottling.

Includes 48 hours of finished dry goods storage. After 48-hour period, pallets will be charged at $25/day.

Additional Services:

Bulk Storage     $0.15 gallon/month
In and Out Charges     $0.10 gallon ($100/tank)
Racking Tank to Tank     $0.15 per gallon
Cold Stabilization     $0.60 per gallon
Heat Stabilization     $250 per tank
Crossflow     $0.25 per gallon
Site Free for 3rd Party Services     $500
Wine Consulting     $100 per hour

Barrel Storage and Barrel Services:

Pricing available upon request.

Permitting and Label Approval:

DBA/Basic Permit     $225 per trade name
Label approval      $45 per label

Ellipse Analytics® 17025 Accredited Lab Services:

Wine purity screening panel (heavy metals and pesticides) $375 per sample2
Standard comprehensive wine screening panel $225 per sample2
pH, Titratable Acidity, (TA), Malic Acid, Lactic Acid, Volatile Acidity, Glucose/Fructose, Total Sulfites, Total Anthocyanins, Total Phenols, Color Tint, Color Density, Alcohol by Volume, (EtOH), Specific Gravity, Free SO2 and Citric Acid.
Bottling panel    $125 per sample2
Chemical panel    $100 per sample2
        EtOH, VA, TA, pH, FSO2, TSO2
Consulting services (purity, structure, consistency, supply chain) per quote


1 Assume base dry goods; any upgrades will be passed through to the customer.
Note: the customer is responsible for all regulatory compliance and taxes. GOWC may be contracted separately to assist.

2 Bulk discounts available for 10+ samples.


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