Our Story

Having grown up in and around the wine culture of the Pacific Northwest, we started The Great Oregon Wine Company out of our own love of fine wine, and an innate appreciation for the culture and flavors of this region.

With every bottle of our Pinot Noir, we honor what it means to be authentically Oregonian and deliver on our belief that wines need not be pretentious to be delicious.

We set out to make great-quality wines while leaving the snobbish attitude for other wineries. Although we will put our great Oregon and Washington wines up against anything from the region, we price them to be enjoyed every day of the week. Maybe that’s why our Rascal Pinot Noir has been among the top selling Oregon Pinot Noirs in Oregon for five years running.

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Matt Cechovic, Winemaker

Down to earth. Because that's where our grapes come from.

Meet the team

Our commitment to integrity shows in every bottle, handmade in small, 1.5-ton batches. Compared to the massive production that characterizes many of our competitors, we make less wine every year than some of them spill in a day. Keeping things small allows us to put more care and attention into each batch, so even though our wines are reasonably priced, their quality allows them to hold their own among much more expensive wines.

We owe a good chunk of our success to our longstanding relationships with growers throughout the region, choosing to work with regional farmers and grape suppliers—many of whom are lifelong friends—ensuring our wines stay as true to their local roots as possible. It’s a standard our drinkers have come to expect, and one we uphold to the highest degree.

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