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The Old and the New

Nestled in the Willamette Valley just outside of Portland, Oregon, Ransom Winery & Distillery has been blending traditional old-world craftsmanship with a modern new-world twist since its inception in 1997. Now a part of the Great Oregon Wine Co. & Distillery, Ransom will continue to marry the old and new with every bottle of wine and spirit - persistently disrupting and revolutionizing the craft beverage industry so that you can tap into your own inner rebel.

Sustainable Commitment

Sustainability and stewardship for our land and the planet are important to us which is why this farm has been certified organic since 2011.  Our core values of historic authenticity, craftsmanship, and respect for terroir are evident in the way we operate and produce craft beverages.

Our Wines

Ransom wines exemplify true varietal character and express the individuality of our growers, vineyards, and vintages. Choosing vineyards committed to quality and sustainability, with pure expression of terroir and unique flavors, is paramount. We seek out old vine, high-elevation sites, which have the innate nerve and balanced acidity to naturally make evocative wines that easily pair with food.

Our Spirits

Ransom distills spirits in a hand-hammered, direct-fired French alembic pot still and makes all the selective cuts by taste and smell -- without computers or robots. Traditional distillation retains greater aromatic intensity and body from the raw materials we have carefully selected. We source local and organic grains when possible and incorporate barley grown on our own farm. Our gins include the finest natural botanicals, many of which are organically grown right here in Oregon.

We work hard every day to make products that are true to their roots – literally and figuratively -- and have created dynamic craft spirits with the weight and aromatic complexity of their predecessors.









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